Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

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Meet Our Valuable Team

We are a diverse, interdisciplinary team of innovative people collectively striving towards a sustainable future. Our female-led project involves expertise from across academia, industry and high-profile associations. 

Dr. Zoe M Harris
Whole Project Lead & Science Lead
(WP2&3) University of Surrey
Simona Stangaciu
Project Manager
(WP1) University of Surrey
Mark Horler
Management Support & Commercialisation Lead
Prof. Tao Chen
Data Modelling Lead
(WP2) University of Surrey
Prof. Richard Murphy
LCA Lead
(WP4) University of Surrey
Dr. Lirong Liu
Socio-Economic Performance Lead
(WP5) University of Surrey
Dr. Johnny Stormonth-Darling
Technical Guide
(WP1&2) UKUAT Ltd
Katia Zacharaki
Plant Trials Guide
Dr. Mohammed Khandaker
Experimental Officer
University of Surrey
Dr. Avinash Agarwal
Plant Trials Research Fellow
University of Surrey
Myles Brinkley-Philip
Plant Trials Intern
University of Surrey
Victoria Palumbo
PhD Student
(WP2) University of Surrey
Dr. Yuqing Xia
Research Fellow
University of Surrey
Dr Lekan Jolayemi
Plant Breeding Research Fellow
University of Surrey
Dr James Suckling
LCA Research Fellow
University of Surrey
Linqi Sun
PhD Student
Danni Walters
Research Assistant
Emily Shepperd
Biodiversity Intern
University of Surrey


This project requires a collaborative effort, and we are proud to be partnering with leading associations across academia and industry.

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