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About us

About us

What We Do

Growing woody crops in aeroponics for a sustainable future.

Taeda Tech Project is a collaborative demonstration project led by the University of Surrey that is committed to developing a novel aeroponic technology which can rapidly grow woody crops.

With funding from BEIS under Phase 2 of their Biomass Feedstock Innovation Programme, as part of the Net Zero Innovation Portfolio, our multi-million-pound project aims to positively disrupt the bioenergy sector.

The IPCC report on mitigation demonstrates that bioenergy can provide a major opportunity to support climate change efforts and that, when used correctly, it is a negative emissions source of energy.

However, for the UK to begin expanding its bioenergy potential there is a considerable bottleneck in supply of biomass that needs to be addressed. Our innovation can do just this.

Our soilless technology can cultivate short rotation coppice (SRC) willow faster, achieve a higher yield, on a smaller land footprint and to a greater degree of quality compared to traditional agriculture. 

We believe that our technology will enable the UK to confidently transition to cleaner energy technologies and so support efforts to achieve net zero. 

Whilst research and development are at the heart of the project, we do have an eye on the bigger picture for commercial competitiveness. The project is collaborating with a host of leading academic and industrial partners.

Our Vision

Our vision for the future is ambitious. We want to demonstrate the untapped potential of aeroponic technologies not just as a technology that works to reduce resource consumption in growing but also to explore beyond growing leafy greens.

During the project we will be investigating the potential of our technology to cultivate a variety of woody crops, support research and development efforts to strengthen crop genetics as well as support other climate actions such as reforestation.

For more information on the BEIS Biomass Feedstock Innovation Programme see:  BEIS Phase 2 winners press release and Biomass Connect website

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We are keen to hear your thoughts on the project. If you want to know more or think there is an opportunity for future collaboration, then get in touch.